Give the gift of thrift this Christmas

Give the gift of thrift this Christmas

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Why not give a little different this festive season? Our bikinis are designed to last you years to come, and not just for Christmas. By shopping small and leaning on local businesses where possible, you're not only supporting communities but generally avoiding the chaos to find unique gifts, often one-of-a-kind with a truly special touch. Additionally, spreading both the word and love for your favourite small businesses.

With the carnage of Christmas shopping season starting as early as Sept/Oct,  typically peak for high-volume global retailers and suppliers, Christmas can be super tricky for independents up against such large-scale competition. 

Shopping small also boasts other advantages. Without feeling like you're fighting the crowds, you can expect to receive a more personal and meaningful service. Many small businesses also entice potential customers with exclusive discounts/access to newness etc. so subscribing to the mailing list is always worthwhile. With that in mind, brand loyalty goes a long way among the small business community. Meaning each and every order is acknowledged, rather than simply being a transaction on a trade report.

With the rise of centralised, one-stop-shops dedicated to small business owners with the likes of "Etsy" now being as easy and convenient to shop as some of it's next-day rivals, it's never been easier to find hidden treasures and gifts that'll keep giving for years to come.

More so, as I think we'd all agree, it's been another rollercoaster of a year. The last few years even, it's been tough slog for each and every one of us, having varying impacts one way or another but we've all felt it that's for sure. Therefore, your contribution to shopping small and supporting local is more important than ever. 

Each singular order eventually contributes to big change. So collectively, doing a little of the lot goes a long way for small business owners, particularly over the festive period.

Happy shopping!