Caring for your 'kinis

Caring for your 'kinis

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Sick of your swimwear losing shape? Perhaps that swimsuit that was once a bold red, now a faded, salmon pink? We've heard it all before.

Whether you're catching rays by the pool, or perhaps taking a dip in the sea, both will over time, take a toll on your pieces. So how should you be caring for your 'kinis to ensure they live a long, happy life? 

We've pulled together our top tips & tricks for cleaning, drying and everything in-between in order to get the most mileage for your pieces!

1. Do flat dry. Avoid hanging and always lay flat when drying to retain shape. Why? This could stretch them permanently! Hence the loss of shape and we want to ensure your swimwear remains tip-top shape for a tip-to-toe fit!

2. Do hand wash. Stay clear of the washing machine and take an even wider birth of the tumble dryer at all costs! Although water alone won't remove the likes of Chlorine etc, we suggested soaking in cold water along with a super mild detergent. Reason being, the spandex fibres that provide the stretch in swimwear are prone to discolouration and breakage from chemicals such as Chlorine and/or effects of both sun and sea damage. 

3. Don't dry in direct sunlight if you can help it. Drying indoors/away from direct sunlight again, helps to retain colour. Equally, if you're able to switch it up and reduce consecutive wear (a reason to upgrade your swim game!) through chopping and changing, enabling your pieces snap back to their intended shape as opposed to wearing damp/wet on repeat. Which, isn't great for either party!

4. Don't wring dry. Again, this can attribute to sagging and degrade the elastane that provides that "snatched" fit. Wringing only warps and potentially distorts the shape, damaging the fabric fibres. Best case scenario being to rinse of as soon as you can (whilst wearing!) followed by hand-washing and laying to flat dry.

Don't forget to share with a friend because sharing is caring (for your pieces!)